LoadFile4DOM Demo with Handlebar4Code

Demo extends the Handlebars4Code demo with LoadFile4DOM. With the Load JSON Button users can upload a JSON Source into the textarea JSON. JSON as input for Handelbars4Code was generated with ClassEditorUML. The JSON file is used together with a template to generate output files with Handlebars4Code. With the select box you can apply different templates to the source JSON file. If you want to create your own JSON editor, you can use JSON2Schema.

The library LoadFile4DOM is a library that allows to load files into an application that run completely in a browser without the need to submit data to a server for processing. With this library the users are able load files into your browser application and process the data in the browser and provide the output to the user, without submitting any data to a server.. The source code of LoadFile4DOM can be downloaded as ZIP-file loadfile4dom.zip

JSON Input:

Output of LoadFile4DOM

LoadFile4DOM uses the following Template for Handlebars (readonly)

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Version: 1.2.18 Date: 2019/10/20 8:56:22 Author: Engelbert Niehaus