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JSON Schema & Editor Generator

JSON Schema Support Tool for JSON Editor developed by Jeremy Dorn

With this tool you can create a JSON schema and a complete JSON editor with your new input JSON. The JSON Editor is generated in your browser as ZIP file. The ZIP file is based on jsoneditor_app.zip (see GitHub-Repository: https://github.com/niebert/jsoneditor_app) and is populated with the generated JSON Schema with JSZip.
Wikiversity Support:

Schema Title


JSON Input

Populate arrays just with one array element. You can add two different elements and JSON2Schema will create a oneOf-selector to the schema.

Add Template Comments:

developed by Engelbert Niehaus 2017-2021
GitHub Repository with JSON2Schema Example - Uses Handlebars4Code and Icon4Menu
based on JSON Editor by Jeremy Dorn - current Version of JSON-Editor
Create your own JSON2Schema Editor Generator